Hirschlederhose Lederhose H-Träger short H1010 uroid

$799.90 $779.90

Traditional costume trousers made of high-quality deer leather.The short leather pants are equipped with an H-straps, which can be removed, and is distinguished by their artful costume embroidery in the thigh area, the bib, the H-wearer and the small knife pocket, which is on the right-hand side. At the end of the legs as well as in the waistband the model is provided with rustic deerhorn buttons, at the foot ensures a leather lacing for an optimal width regulation. The brown color has a pithy appearance, which gives the short leather pants a very special charm. Silver-colored buckles on the H-beam enable a completely individual length adjustment. If the wearer is not desired, he can easily be unbuttoned at any time. The high-quality trousers made of soft deer leather make a good impression at every event and ensure a successful performance.
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